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About the platform

This Nature-based Solutions Investment platform was developed by Capital for Climate in collaboration with the High-Level Champions and Race to Zero teams. The platform is designed to enable allocators to see the landscape of climate opportunity in one place - to inform strategy, navigate, source and execute investments aligned with science-based net zero pathways. (See the press release here.)

This is a limited first release that in 2024 will grow to include all climate-related sectors and significantly greater functionality. It is a first step in fulfilling Capital for Climate’s mission of accelerating capital deployment to the climate solutions required to achieve a 1.5 degree outcome and that provide investors both impact and financial returns.

About our funders

Primary funding for this project has come from the Quadrature Climate Foundation. Funding was also provided by ClimateWorks and in part by the Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation through the Finance Hub, which was created to advance sustainable finance. (The Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation fosters path-breaking scientific discovery, environmental conservation, patient care improvements and preservation of the special character of the Bay Area. Visit or follow @MooreFound.)

The Cisco Foundation has made a significant contribution to help make the platform globally comprehensive in 2024.

We also wish to acknowledge the Wells Fargo Foundation, which provided generous support for Capital for Climate’s early development.

About our contributors

Special thanks to COP26 High Level Champions team members Meryam Omi (Finance Team from LGIM), Sue Reid (Co-Chair, Finance Team), and Irene Suarez (Lead, Nature-based Solutions and Food Systems Team) for their tireless efforts, support, and insight.

We further acknowledge contributions from Lucy Almond, Chair of Nature4Climate; Stephanie Kimball, Director of Climate Change Strategy, Conservation International; Ana Lima, Head of Environmental Issues, UNPRI; and the Project Drawdown team.

Contact Us

We’d love to hear from you. For detailed information about Capital for Climate, or to learn how to get involved in its development, reach us at

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